Market Research

In the global world with its large size and population India has emerged as a leading market and business hub. The technological advancement has reshaped the idea of globalization into localization in which competition of business groups have eroded all boundaries. The ongoing competition has slowly engulfed sub-urban areas where consumption attitudes are getting notable shift but are also creating gateways of more business. In the case producer-consumer relation is of immense importance and a regular study of the impact and satisfaction is the need of every business firm.

The Ground Zero Research experts analyses the randomly or strategically collected qualitative data through face to face interviews, telephonic and e-survey directly from the consumers and conclude into qualitative inference data for the clients.

Our specific services include: -
Catering New Product into Market reasonably
Analyzing Consumer’s satisfaction
Analyzing Demand & Supply
Analyzing Existing and Expanding Market
Strategic Planning in Expanding Market
Competition Analysis
Impact Assessment
Brand Image Evaluation
Strategic Planning to launch New Product
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